Friday, September 19, 2008

~BeCoMiNg A BeTtEr PeRsOn~

Look for the best qualities of others and yourself. Take advantage of situations where you can exercise your best qualities and highlight those of others. Record your thoughts daily and review them to visualize what affects us and how. Schedule a window for quiet time each day.

Give others the same dignity that you would expect to receive. Recognize that status or income levels do not make the man nor determine his value. Take time to actually hear what others have to say instead of interjecting your own personal thoughts or simply not paying attention.

Become involved in what others have to say by asking sincere questions and waiting for an answer. This will enhance your relationships, allowing you to make positive contributions to a healthy friendship.

Provide assistance to others when needed, going out of your way if necessary. Acts of kindness are often met with reciprocal acts of kindness. You are further demonstrating how to be a better person and reaping the rewards from your efforts while making others feel special.

Empathize with others' plights or circumstances. Listening to your heart and following it instead of being judgmental contributes to your being a better person. Being honest in your dealings with others also promotes positive relationships. Problems arise when the truth is not spoken or twisted to suit one's motives. Choose your words carefully and precisely. Express yourself kindly.

Develop a set of standards and live by them. Don't allow others' viewpoints to alter your code of ethics. Maintaining your personal values during difficult times will help you to be a better person.
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