Friday, September 19, 2008

~AcCePtInG FaTe~

Determine whether or not you have exhausted every method available to change the outcome of the situation. Eliminate your self doubt by realizing that you have truly done everything you could and that nothing you do in the future changes what happens.

Examine your fate rationally and dispassionately. Deconstruct the situation and identify the pros and cons of your fate. Ask yourself how you would feel about your fate if it belonged to someone else.

Let go of your desire to change the situation. Just because you know logically that you cannot change things doesn't mean you won't continue to try to think of ways to do just that. Acknowledge that you are not responsible and that the failure or success is beyond your control.

Identify the positives associated with the outcome you expect and focus on them. Knowing that to experience something good from the situation, however minor, helps you become more comfortable accepting your fate.

Look to the future. Turn your attention to another matter that you have more control over. Distracting yourself with other thoughts helps you ride out the situation.

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