Tuesday, March 31, 2009


da lame nomie tak update blog nih...skang muke ngantuk la...nak tido....semalaman xtido nih..... penat...waaa.....tulun2....

Sunday, March 22, 2009


Burnout can be subjective too as people react differently to the same events, but it can occur in anyone and the best to not have burnout occur is to avoiding before it happens. In Japan they have a specific word which is “karoshi” which actually means “death from overwork” and burnout has vast effects on the employee or manager as they may become more withdrawn to do even the simplest task. Usually in the workforce burnout is explained by having a high job demand and low job control at the same time, of course each job and company will have different situations.

The main characteristics of burnout at work is noticing more tardiness, absenteeism, a low mood in the workplace, more angry employees that will yell at anything or anyone especially if this is out of character for them and of course if customers’ complaints get higher.

The best way to avoid arriving at the burnout stage is to recognize the signs. Two psychologists Freudenberger and North have actually divided this process in twelve different steps, some of these phases are: a strong compulsion of working harder, neglecting your own needs on a personal basis therefore dismissing friends, families and hobbies, inner emptiness and depression to name a few.

To avoid burnout the first step is to notice if in the company there are certain periods where there can be work overload, and since long term periods of overwork will creative burnout it is best to act before hand. In these period the company, or an employee can suggest it, can hire additional full time employees or even temporary ones to avoid a major cost in the long run.

If your company has an EAP (Employee Assistant Program) take advantage of it, which includes confidential counseling, or even workshops to handle work pressures

Another good tip is to talk about it be it with your significant other or friends and if you feel pressured and overworked sometimes talking about it can help.

Take a few days off, if you know that there is a overwork coming and at that point you know you can not miss work, take the days right before that period so you can come back energized.

Try not to withdraw from your personal life as much as you want too because then your burnout will be more pronounced.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

~AdEh KeNe TaG~

xpenah2 kene tag tetibe kene plak... nampaknye sgt bertuah la kot.....hehehe... nomie xpaham pon sebenarnyer tag nih...ikut jer la....hehe... cik mimi nih mmg nak kene nih....

5 Yang Paling Spesel - Orang Yg Masih Bernyawa:

  • mak and abah (jawapan standard...hehe)
  • adik bradik
  • akak ipar (xleh tinggal nih)
  • abang cayang yg jauh nun kat johor...
  • kazen2 yang sgt sporting n kengkawan.
5 Yang Paling Spesel - Makhluk Bernyawa Bukan Orang:

  • jebon- kucin yang paling slalu kene buli....
  • mek halus
  • kling
  • oren
  • koko
p/s : sume tuh name kucin yer.....

5 Yang Paling Spesel - Harta Benda Yg Memang Tak Bernyawa:

  • laptop ku lah husband ku number 2...hehe
  • hubby... my teddy bear...
  • enpon....barang wajib nih,....xder xsah....
  • gambaq-gambaq kenangan ngan member, kazen, family sume la..
  • barang-barang mekap kuuuuuuu.... spesel gle tuh....
5 Yang Paling Spesel - Ape-ape Yg Jadi Nyawa Anda:

  • nyawa tuh op kos la nyawa kan.....
  • familyku....
  • kazen2....'kengkawan...
  • cek abang la.... Shhh....diam2 tau, jgn bgtau die...
  • enpon and $$$$$$$
5 Yang Paling Spesel - Penjawab Tag Yg Seterusnya:

yg nih sape nak kene ek......sape mangse seterusnya yang sgt spesel nih...???
  • ain....adek ku yang baru blaja buat blog....
  • cek nazra yg comey slalu....
  • kak jumie yang vogue...
  • sape lagik ek.....
  • sape2 pown boleh jer....

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

How to Boost Your Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem

You can boost your self-confidence by becoming a positive thinker. Think positive thoughts and turn any negative thoughts into positive ones. Change the "self-talk" that we all have. Change your inner recording. When you wake up in the morning, think of all of the positive things that are going to happen that day.

Boost your self-esteem by working on changing any negative behavior. If you're a procrastinator, stop procrastinating. For more on procrastinating, please click on my article on this page. If you tend to doubt yourself and your abilities, get out and physically do something. If feel that you're lacking self-confidence because you need to lose weight, get out and start walking. As a wise friend once told me, "move a muscle, change a thought".

Set realistic goals for yourself. If you need to, break these goals down into smaller chunks so that they will be easier to manage. Accomplish those goals! This will help boost your self-confidence more than you can imagine. Know that you have what it takes!

Put positive messages all around your house and your office at work. If you're a student, put them in your dorm. These messages should say things like, "Believe in Yourself", "I am Special", and "I am Loved".

Tips & Warnings

  • No put downs! Squash the critical voice in your head!
  • If you tend to doubt yourself and your abilities, do ONE POSITIVE THING TODAY!
  • Tomorrow, DO ANOTHER!
  • Remember that baby steps are better than no steps at all.
  • Don't let anything get in your way!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

~Tak Romantik Langsung~

Pada suatu pagi, bertanya si isteri pada si suami:

Isteri : Abang tengok jiran kita yg baru pindah tu?

Suami : Kenapa?

Isteri : Tiap pagi sebelum pergi kerja, suami dia akan cium isterinya. Bila pulang kerja, dia akan berikan isterinya sekuntum bunga mawar. Loving betullah mereka. Kenapa abang tak buat macam tu?

Suami : Nak mampus... Mana abang kenal isteri dia?"

Sunday, March 1, 2009

~SmS CiNtA~

  1. aku mencintaimu bukan kerana kecantikanmua. aku mencintaimu bukan kerana kehangatan cintamu. aku mencintaimu bukan kerana cintamu. aku mencintaimu kerana cinta itu kamu.
  2. aku membencimu kerana kamu mencintaiku. dan kamu mencintaiku kerana aku membencimu. kini aku sedar yang aku tidak boleh membencimu jika aku tidak mencintaimu.
  3. cinta dilahirkan oleh adam dan hawa. diperluaskan oleh rama dan sita. dibawa mati oleh romeo dan juliet serta dibangkitkan kembali oleh aku dan dia.
  4. kenapa kamu mencintaiku sedangkan aku tidak cantik? kenapa kamu cinta padaku sedangkan aku tidak pandai? kenapa kamu cinta padaku sedangkan aku gemuk? tetapi lebih teruk lagi kenapa aku juga boleh mencintaimu.
  5. untuk apa adanya hari v-day? bukan untuk mengingati hari tersebut tetapi untuk kau mengingatiku serta menunjukkan penghargaan kau padaku. sekurang-kurangnya ia berlaku setahun sekali.
  6. seluruh dunia aku pergi tetapi hanya kau seorang sahaja kutemui berjaya menambat hatiku. tidak ada dua dan tiganya. biarpun kamu hanya manusia biasa sahaja.
  7. kehadiranmu menyinari hidupku. kehangatan cintamu mengubati sepiku. kelembutanmu mengubat lukaku. kemanjaanmu adalah penawar resahku.
  8. antara kita ibarat langit dengan bumi. ramai yang mentertawakan apabila kita bersama. namun mereka sebenarnya buta melihat rahsia disebalik kekurangan dirimu. biarlah hanya aku sahaja tahu kerana hanya aku sahaja yang ingin hidup di sampingmu.
  9. kejayaan kau memilikiku bukan kerana ketampanan, kekayaan dan pangkat yang engkau miliki tetapi kekurangan yang ada dalam dirimu terlalu sedikit berbanding dengan lelaki yang lain.
  10. berjuanglah berhabis-habisan untuk merebut cintamu kerana peluang itu hanya datang sekali seumur hidup. sekali cinta itu pergi selama-lamanya ianya tidak akan kembali lagi.